the top 7 of the procedures for the rejuvenation of the

Until today, modern cosmetology offers a multitude of effective methods to maintain the beauty and health of facial skin as much as possible.

We're talking about the most popular procedures for the rejuvenation and improvement of skin condition.

LPG-facial massage

Technology to LPG-massage was originally intended for the correction of the female form. Seeing successful results in the fight against cellulite, the creators of the technology decided to develop a similar device, which will affect the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. At this time it device there are three methods of exposure: Cosmecanique Lift massage and Endermolift. Every one of the techniques that affects the area of the face and neck.

How is the process:a Special massage stimulates the skin cells to destroy the old collagen and synthesize a new one. The technology is based on principles of plastic massage, which is traditionally made by hand. The skin on our face is very thin and delicate, and wrinkles, on the contrary, require deep processing. During the manual massage it is hard not to injure the skin and to push effectively and in depth. And LPG-massage can be the golden section Nozzle for massage is a small camera, under the influence of the vacuum prolonged skin fold.

 ЛПЖ massage

Inside a camera the skin proven effects. To achieve more tangible results, you need to spend 10-20 sessions, the result of which will be visible throughout the semester.

Indications for procedure: This massage will be useful for any woman over the age of 25. Loose and обвисшая skin chin and subcutaneous fat in the facial area, Postacne scars, and enlarged pores

Effects: Uplifting and obtaining a more clear outline of the face, reducing the volume of fat deposition in the face, reduce facial wrinkles, the setting of the function of the sebaceous glands, the treatment of bruising (bruises) and infiltrates, reduction of edema. Recovery process: After the end of the process, you can watch a little swelling and hyperemia (redness) it's a normal reaction of the body to LPG-massage. The symptoms disappear the same day, sometimes after 1-2 days.

Cost: 8000-15000 tg.

Rf lifting

Radiolifting - other material-a method of skin rejuvenation without surgery involvement.

How is the process: the Essence of the method is that, with the help of a special machine in the skin can penetrate the radio waves. First on the face, apply a special cream, which causes numbness, nerve endings, and then радиочастотным tool a doctor treats the areas of the skin, the appearance of which we need to improve. Emitted tool radio waves pass through the outer skin layers and deliver heat energy to the muscles and soft tissues. The heat makes these layers shrink, that contributes to a more active production of collagen.

 rf lifting

Indications for procedure: Lifting can be performed with a 25-year-old, but the process is ideal for the middle age group of 35-55 years of age. Radiolifting you can do in each season. Is the method for skin rejuvenation is suitable not only women but also men. Wilting skin a Mess of facial tissues Stretched areas of the skin and гиподермы (subcutaneous fat), it changes the contour of the oval of the face Wrinkles eyes, crow's feet. Deep wrinkles in the area between the nose and the lips, the forehead Scars after acne disease

Results: Elevation creates a smooth facial contours, improves color and eliminates wrinkles. Among the main advantages of this method - harmless for the body, безболезненность, no ignition.

Retrieval procedure: on The skin allowed light redness passed within 15 minutes after the procedure.

Cost: 8000-15000 tg.

Biological rejuvenation

Biological rejuvenation involves the elimination of defects of the skin with a saturation of the deep layers of hyaluronic acid.

 biological rejuvenation

How is the process of: Hyaluronic acid - a panacea for maximum hydration of the skin. Prior to injections the skin is cleaned of the residues of makeup, dirt and sebum. Injections with biorevitalization not occupy more than one hour and is done with a fine needle or a special injector. The drug is injected on the surface until it forms a small papules. Despite the small diameter of the needle, the procedure may bring discomfort, therefore, in case of hypersensitivity or low pain threshold, area of impact pre-lubricated cream with lidocaine, providing local anesthesia.

Indications for procedure: Dehydrated skin Great skin by Reducing the tone and elasticity of the skin, Wrinkles Aging, after exposure of the skin to the sun's radiation, prevent premature aging Preparation for chemical пилингам and laser sail Recovery after chemical peels, laser smoothing microdermabrasion and plastic surgery, Correction of scars and stretch marks

Results: the Procedure biorevitalization gives hydration to the deepest level. After the full course of these procedures, the effect lasts for six months, and sometimes longer. The process can be carried out with the use of a needle, and by using the low-intensity laser radiation. The first process is more efficient, the second - most comfortable. But certainly the two processes have a magical effect on the skin.

Recovery procedure: the Recovery period on average lasts 3 days, after the procedure there are papules white color, can be a minor hematoma.

Cost: 20000-50000 tg.



bioreinforcement person of the other methods, with the aim of lifting the face, improving the oval of the face.

How is the process: Is aid skin gel solid acid in the векторным lines under local anesthesia. This procedure is performed once every 2-3 weeks 3 or 4 times. As a result, formed with a lifting facial with the reduction of skin elasticity, saturation, and hydration of the skin due to exposure to the hyaluronic acid, the face a knife and becomes fresh, improves the quality of the skin.

Indications for the procedure: So as bioreinforcement person requires a struggle with age changes of skin, experts recommend you to contact her for women, which had been closed 35 years ago, but still no 50. In this age framework, the process will have the maximum effectiveness. Drooping corners of the mouth or eye, of the eyebrow. Hanging skin folds Deep nasolabial folds Vague contours of chin and lower jaw

Results: Active ascension? correction of wrinkles (treatment for small and smoothing out deep folds); effective simulation of an oval face.

Recovery period: Usually after the session, the patient quickly enters the usual rhythm of life: a small swelling, skin redness and swelling within 5-7 day.

Cost: 50000-70000 tg.



Microdermabrasion is peeling, combines the removal of dead skin cells with crystals of diamond laser cut with vacuum massage for cleansing and stimulating the renewal of skin. How is the process: Used nozzles with a diamond coating of a different caliber and the degree of spraying. Nozzle shall be chosen according to skin type - dry, oily, mixed - and treatment area: the forehead, the eyelids, the neck, the neckline. Microdermabrasion is done with a special machine with the use of vacuum and unique baits with a diamond impregnated, with which the most subtle way gently massage deleted surface hard layers of skin, stimulating the growth of new young cells, while at the same time improves blood circulation and promotes a mechanism for intense production of collagen and elastin.

Indications for the procedure: Microdermabrasion is designed to remove small imperfections in a surface layer of the skin. Dim, stretched skin, Skin oily with advanced resources of Scars and stretch marks to body Acne disease Scars and scars Postacne, Fine wrinkles, age-related changes

Results: Evens out the texture, the tone of the face. Contributes to the enhancement of the synthesis of elastin and collagen, increase of skin elasticity and elasticity.

Recovery period: Generally, the period after the microdermabrasion takes an average of 5 to 8 days. The updated skin is reddish or pink in color, lasting for 6-12 weeks. Gradually the skin of the face pales.

Cost: 7000-10000 tg.

Kertonegoro exfoliation

It's superficial exfoliation for problem skin.

How is the process: the composition of the peel includes glycolic and salicylic acid, plant extracts and vitamins. Kertonegoro exfoliation is performed in several stages: initially, the facial skin is cleaned, disinfected and freed from fat special gel that comes out normal water. Further to the skin is applied hydrogel, which contains salicylic acid. This has the added effect of antiseptic, relieves inflammation, calms tissue prior to the procedure. The absorption of hydrogel leaves no more than two minutes. Then, in the face evenly applied to the basic composition for peeling. Duration of exposure product 10 minutes. After that, the base, rinse with cold water, face carefully высушивается. After the aggressive mask is applied from the type of leather. Main purpose of the mask calm tissue, prepares the face for the timely recovery. To terminate the session, apply a specialized cream, handpicked, taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin of the patient.

Indications for procedure: pore Clogging sebaceous plug, black and white spots Seborrheic skin Acne Acne rashes Hyperpigmentation Inflammation and suppuration of the follicles of the hair on the face

Results: the Contraction of resources, the alignment of the color of the face, improving the skin structure, cellular respiration of the skin, to get rid of the bad peeling, softening of the skin. Recovery process: the Specialist, spends the process, must take a comprehensive and integrated facial treatment, derived from the characteristics of the skin, the severity of the problem. The recovery time depends on how clearly followed the recommendations of a beautician. The drugs are often assigned to the same line, used for the conduct of the procedure. The composition of the rehabilitation of the cosmetics should not be composed of essential oils and the juice of the aloe.

Cost: 10000-15000 tg.



Photorejuvenation, or IPL therapy is one of the most famous and popular procedures in the material of cosmetic, and effective method for the correction of signs of фотостарения: network of small wrinkles, pigmentation, spider veins.

How is the procedure: Therapeutic influence of the light of a wide range of, the past through a small, smooth, transparent edge, which neatly placed on the skin. The light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the treatment of vascular lesions or the melanin when treating pigment formations, connecting them. The natural processes of the body are removed, damaged tissues and returns to the skin a more even and youthful appearance.

Indications for procedure: Removal pigmentation Removal vascular iodine, redness of the skin Improving the color of the face Removal of fine wrinkles Narrowing of the extensive resources Freckle

Results: Allows you to quickly, efficiently and safely to eliminate the external signs of aging of the skin, disorders of pigmentation, capillary mesh and wrinkles. Recovery procedure: After the procedure in the arable area will appear easy pink skin reaction, which in a few hours it will pass. The process does not require compliance with the domestic situation will be able to return directly to the conventional way of life.

Cost: from 10000 to 20000 tg.