How to get younger? Body rejuvenation after 50 years. Tibetan recipes for rejuvenation

Rejuvenate after 50 years just. Able to use modern methods or means traditional medicine.

 rejuvenate the body after 50 years


  • Home rejuvenation is it possible for a quick rejuvenation at home?
  • The results of rejuvenation at home
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  • Tibetan grass the methodology of rejuvenation. Lifting home rejuvenation
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Each woman wants to look younger than your age never seem to fatigue and do not feel health problems. Way of body rejuvenation is abound. You must choose your suitable way and may start the procedure rejuvenation.

The efficiency of every opportunity to be seen individually, because the organism is a unique system, and each person it is different. Must try different options, because what suits one person, does not help the other.

Home rejuvenation is it possible for a quick rejuvenation at home?

 rejuvenation home

It is necessary to understand that the body rejuvenation this is a complex procedure and get the final result in a short time will not succeed. The visible effect comes only after the application of the integrated measures, which are directed to improvement of organs and systems of the human body. Home rejuvenation must start with proper nutrition, the execution mode of sleep, work-and leisure complex times to clean.

Tip: Avoid foods that contain artificial additives. Eat only this, to cook for myself. Limit fatty and fried.

Necessarily be to eat five servings of vegetables per day - this is the minimum! Breakfast should start with a cup of freshly squeezed juice orange or vegetables (pumpkin, carrot). Half an hour after the juice, you can start to eat. Whether it's milk porridge, or light sugar-pudding curd.

Recommendation: Involve daily food is a food that is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (fatty fish, walnuts, linseed oil).

Don't forget, addicting a large quantity of pure raw water. Because of this water gets into the skin cells and cleans them of toxins. Two liters of water a day is the minimum norm of the male, without taking into account other types of liquids: tea, coffee, soups.

Without the correct питанияи receive the necessary amount of water impossible for the quick rejuvenation at home. If the balanced diet and water drinking becomes a habit, then you can move on to the next stage of the process of rejuvenation in the use of herbs and other tools, cleaning the body.

The results of rejuvenation at home

The human body is aging, because of its systems age will be deposited residues due to inappropriate nutrition and other negative factors. The cells do not receive oxygen due to the clogging of the waste to cope, man can not drink the water necessary for life processes and fed as he wants. The cells are starting to be exhausted, and all this leads to chronic diseases and aging the organism.

The results of the rejuvenation of the home is, what kind of talk on television and on the Internet surprise. People try different ways and find your own personal method, which is suitable only for those.

Someone dedicates time, the physical, the other to follow the diet and third the use of old recipes for rejuvenation, who has helped many people from different countries in the world.


 the effect of rejuvenation tibetan herbs

Tibetan monks found a unique рецептуру rejuvenation. This allows to produce cleaning the body's of millions of people around the world. Rejuvenation-тибетски it is an integrated organism cleanse special herbal fees. The application of these fees will help bring out the poisons, toxins and salt. They no longer diseases of the joints, the gastro-digestive tract.

Purified the blood vessels, improves work of the pancreas, gallbladder and liver. The use of vegetable fees can be for people of all ages. Often 50 years women and men are already suffering from atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Such a methodology helps to remove the cholesterol and fat the blood vessels walls and bring back all of the body system. Unique in their characteristics of herbs are available for each, and they can be purchased from any pharmacy.

Tibetan grass the methodology of rejuvenation. Lifting home rejuvenation

There are many different charges for body rejuvenation, which provide the monks are from Tibet. But it is worth to highlight two of them the most чудодейственных and medicinal, that can a short period of time to clean the DIGESTIVE tract and rejuvenate the entire body.

 tibetan herbs

So, the Tibetan collection no. 1 consists of these herbs:

  • st. john's wort
  • kidney birch
  • flowers, daisies
  • at and pain strawberries

The tibetan collection no. 2 includes 26 herbs. First of all, is the need for all these meds to buy, and only then begin to prepare the recipe. The composition of this collection includes such herbs and spices:

  • flowers, daisies
  • the leaves of leonurus
  • the kidneys pine
  • kasepungad
  • tea leaf pages
  • dandelion root
  • mint leaves
  • leaves mother and stepmother
  • the flowers of the linden
  • rhizoma to radix sanguisorba of
  • nettle
  • saialilleõied
  • flowers or grass centaury
  • flowers or grass st. john's wort
  • the roots of angelica
  • herb oregano
  • valerian root
  • flowers or grass бессмертника white
  • cumin
  • eucalyptus
  • sage
  • chelidonium majus
  • flowers and grass succession
  • thyme
  • raudrohi
  • lawn gnaphálium uliginósum Before eating way, it is necessary to blend separate charges herbs in equal parts. For example, each herb to take 100 grams of herbs, the first collection and over 30 grams of herbs, the second to collect. If the charges are ready, you can start to make decoctions.

The recipe for the broth of collection no. 1:

Two tablespoons of mixture of herbs pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Cover with lid and wrap in a towel. When the broth is ready and cooled, the side of the infusion drink in the evening two hours after last meal and half an hour before bedtime. The remaining half of the broth to drink in the morning on an empty stomach one hour before breakfast. Way cooking is a every day so long, until it the mixture to collect the herbs.
 collection of herbs

The recipe for the broth in the collection no. 2:

Evenly blend the ingredients. Then take 14 tablespoons of the mixture and pour two liters of boiling water. Leave to soak in overnight. The morning of the infusion strain and take half a cup of hour before meals.

Uniqueness is such a methodology, there is a rejuvenation of the healing properties of comparable herbs. Each of these fees with the highest quality accelerated in the composition of useful minerals. The absorption takes place in a natural way.

Important: in order To achieve a good result, start with a cleansing quantity of no. 1, then take a break for half a year and continue with the cleaning of infusion data collection no 2. At this time, if you purchase all the necessary grass to collect it.

The recipe for rejuvenation

The human body at different stages of their lives needs a certain products. Young people need fats, proteins and carbohydrates. These people right низкокалорийное catering. Older people often useful to visit the great outdoors and bask in the sun. As old men love to sit outside, especially in sunny weather.

But there is a unique recipe for rejuvenation, which are suitable for people of all ages. It was used by the ancient doctors treating people and отдаления old age. This recipe is based on the elderberry berries, and it is very easy.

Older unusual plant

Recipe: in the Evening take one tablespoon of leedrimari (pre-dry in a dark and dry place), put your thermos and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Continue the infusion at night.

The morning starts with the preparation of interesting in the medical soup using the infusion.

Soup recipe:

Boil paul litres of broth out of the chicken. Pour in 0.5 cups of infusion of the parent and add a tablespoon of chopped apple. Salt is not needed! Flavor the soup with one tablespoon melted butter.

Eat this soup to be once every seven days half 8 in the morning (250 grams) and the other half in the evening. To help clean the body of toxins, a little to lose weight. The Organism can be necessary minerals that helps restore the cells.

This recipe can be used in the spring, when after winter because fresh fruits and vegetables the body end, and there accumulated a lot of toxins, poisons and waste materials.

Methods and system rejuvenation

 stem cells

Rejuvenate your body the dream of every man after 50 years. In today's world there are a lot of different methods and systems rejuvenation. Ultra new and add-a modern application will be considered stem cells, which have the ability to change any of the cells in our body.

With their help, scientists are able to prolong youth. Impact of the application of stem cells proven scientists when innate violation of the immune system and other diseases. Stem cells have been effectively used as a rejuvenation of the whole organism as a whole. Thanks to this method to eliminate the wrinkles, weakness and malaise, restores the metabolism.

Important: Research in the field of cellular medicine continues. Despite the excellent visible effect of this method of rejuvenation, has its shortcomings. Scientists have recently come to the opinion that if adult stem cells outside the organism, lead to the development of cancer tumors after their establishment. Although this claim is not yet considered to be accurate 100%.

Therefore their use is modern can be full of consequences, but of each person to decide what and how to him to do. Can be up to scientists дорабатывают the efficiency or otherwise of the modern method, to rejuvenate your body using natural medicines prescription?

Tool skin


Such a tool skin called the effective medicine for old age. Of course, some time ago he did not step down, but will help slow down the aging process.


Chop grinder 4 kg of celery, 8 medium-sized lemons with felt and 4 medium-sized horseradish. Also, chop 8 cloves of garlic through the press representatives. All of this mix and add 200 grams of honey. The resulting mixture is put in a jar and tie the neck with clean gauze. Remove in a dark place for 12 hours and then lift the jar with the mixture in the refrigerator for three days. The passage of time, take a jar in the fridge and squeeze through gauze emerged in the juice. Spread it into bottles and take 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals.

It is a panacea medicine for old age. It is a choleretic and diuretic, which protects and cleans the body.

Note: Whether such a prescription is contraindications: chronic liver diseases, stones in the желчном протоке and pancreatic diseases. Before using, consult your doctor!

Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation nowadays used in many different shells, massages and recipes of traditional medicine. There are a variety of effective recipe for exfoliating facial and rejuvenating mask. Wife can home conditions to prepare and make a mask that restores the skin's youth.

Facial rejuvenation and body

Get rid of the saturation of wants every lady in the age 50 years. The modern methodology of the beauty salons offer a variety of безоперационного rejuvenation. These are such peeling, face and body:

  • Биоревитализация hyaluronic acid. Näokontuur becomes more beautiful, increases the skin tone
  • Photo-rejuvenation. Age-related changes in adjusted community through internal reserves of the organism
  • Mesotherapy. Improves metabolic processes in deep epidermal layers
  • Botox. Skin smoother at the expense of the house nerve endings in the muscles of persons
  • Lifting home rejuvenation

Every woman will be able to meet lifting home rejuvenation. It can be, which helps to maintain youthful skin, massage, onna tissue elasticity.

Should be used natural ingredients to masks. Simple and accessible products to help make is a tool which helps to not only pull the skin, but also rejuvenate. Finally succeed a great impact on what a woman can enjoy for a long time.

Medications rejuvenation

Scientists have long been working on programs for rejuvenation of the people. They create medicines rejuvenation, which allow to quickly and efficiently deal with aging. Such preparations are subject to the immunomodulator Transfer Factors. If this adoption of the special rate, biological age is reduced from 10 to 15 years.

This means under the control of the immune system can put all the processes in the body. This medicine helps not only to monitor the visible effects, however, and enjoy just your body.

Rejuvenating facial mask collamat option saves time cooking masks itself and give a good effect

Note: Whether any medicine may be side effects. Thus, before its use, consult your doctor.