Forever Young BBL skin rejuvenation is генном level

And that if the procedure will slow down the aging clock and then to look forever young...

Forever Young BBL - non-invasive procedure, which allows to rejuvenate the skin генном level.

This phenomenon has been identified by scientists and proven reliable in clinical studies, which lasted 10 years, then confirmed in genetic studies at Stanford university.


2012. in Dr. Patrick Bitter, California, USA the Society for Investigative Dermatology, unveiled data on the 10-year clinical studies. Studies have shown that regular procedure Forever Young BBL for a long time can slow down and stop the skin aging process.

Patients after 10 years seemed older in just 6 months. Forever Young BBL - this is not the only method, which allows to get rid of enlarged blood vessels and age spots, - said Dr. Bitter, but the methodology, which allows to achieve the skin at the cellular level - the cells acquire the characteristics of young skin cell. Сверстницы appeared 9 years younger сверстниц, according to clinical studies:

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Skin rejuvenation BBL 2013 Researchers at Stanford university carried out a genetic study of the impact of the BBL cells, the ageing of the skin. The results of the study showed that the procedure Forever Young BBL change in the activity of genes and makes cells in the ageing skin is functionally similar to the cells at a young age. While, the genes responsible for the damage and репарацию not активировались, which shows that the skin peeling procedure Forever Young BBL is not related to the damaged cells and their subsequent репарацией.

Thus, we have a completely new technique that can rejuvenate the cells without damaging them, unlike most anti-aging techniques. The study is published in the авторитетном specialty doctor edition - skin rejuvenation with the BBL is генном level. The original publication of the research in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology

How is the procedure

Times used by the system to BBL company Scitos. The doctor is manipula areas of the skin, by moving him and doing flash. The patient feels a pleasant warmth to the skin.

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The equipment used

We use the modern system of BBL company Scitos, Inc. has undergone formal training in the work of the system in BBL. Our professionals are trained in this methodology under the Forever Young BBL, under the guidance of Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD 2012, Las Vegas, and Barcelona 2013

Preparation for the procedure

Before the maintenance it is not recommended to sunbathe and to not visit the solarium for several months. The person must be without parking. You can't do Pastinaca sativa medicines. Specifically, you said to the doctor during the consultation.

After the procedure

After the procedure is not recommended to sunbathe within 1 month, you must cream SPF 30+, even more precise guidance will provide the doctor consultation.