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  • That is lasernoorendus
  • Types of laser resurfacing
  • Lasernoorendus the skin around the eyes is
  • The advantages of laser resurfacing
  • Indications procedures
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • The right tactics after the procedure
 that is lasernoorendus

If the laser beam onto the rest of the fields are changed to apply cosmetics to human ways of improving the appearance improved.

Now it is not by applying much effort, it is possible to get beautiful skin without scarring, traces of undergone acne, excessive pigmentation. The stature of the laser beam to spread the question to eliminate the signs of aging. 75% of all cases of the application of the laser to the beautician removes wrinkles, bags under the eyes, the publication of the facial features. All of these effects, which are connected to one of the concept lasernoorendus. The procedure has its pros and cons, to entrust its implementation is only possible with the professional.

That is lasernoorendus

Lasernoorendus one of the most for cosmetology opportunities, which is directed to completely eliminate the excessive pigmentation, wrinkles, weak plots.

The impact occurred due to the laser installation. Using special options, the beautician adjusts the temperature and penetration depth, high precision in advance. The correct selection of parameters is an important part of the procedure. Допустив error, can cause burns or even irreversible changes in the skin. The selection process of the optimal parameters of the laser installed cosmetologist focused on the leather type, its thickness range for the upcoming processing. Consider what kind of aesthetic the problem is necessary to solve, what to expect from the procedure the patient himself.

 Types of laser resurfacing

Phase consultancy specialist explained: to remove the wrinkles, the question is not one conversation, it is therefore necessary procedure to shed. Thanks to the choice of the correct settings (the main condition for their safety), there is a progressive processing of the laser beam. Under the devastating impact of high temperature, the cells to cover the burn, then the fabric will be updated.

Types of laser resurfacing

Lasernoorendus this general concept is okay, but there are some of its varieties.

1. Fractional абляционное facial rejuvenation.The general direction of the косметологической manipulation. Thanks to this performance not to get rid of small individual errors. Eliminate them quickly and forever, they must be limited to the combination of several skin deficiencies one deficiency complicates the task of specialists, the premise of carrying out the procedure of course (5 to 7 sessions on average). Cell renewal, with different zones of the persons in need of a different speed. Certain regions may have damaged the tissue integrity, if it is elsewhere in the face-he can stay healthy. Handle only the problem areas, beautician manipulates a special section of the laser.

 фракционноо амбляционное rejuvenation

2. Laser биоревитализация. Innovation in cosmetics. Method allows you to effectively, painlessly eliminate deep wrinkles, as well as existing scars (even old) without the need for rapid intervention. The top layer of the epidermis отторгают by the occurrence of short-term impulses. The effect helps to speed up cell division, to stimulate collagen production so is a renewed skin. The new fabric is a fresh, smooth, trim. Procedure efficiency ago a special mixture of composition to the beautician creates your skin. Penetrating into the cell, he nurtured them useful substances in the process of positive reflection can be covered.

3. Lasernoorendus without damaging the skin cells of the skin . The hallmark of the procedure, the use of long-ray laser. Rejuvenating effect is in this case will be to eliminate not only wrinkles, but and eradication of acne, scars, hyperpigmentation. The handling of the entire surface of the face.

 неабляционное rejuvenation

4. Laser peeling. Implementation of the methodology beauticians use sapphire or эрбиевый laser. Sustainable impact on the tissue, which can be a person suitable to be more elastic, eliminates acne rash, changing contours.

5. Complete fractional facial rejuvenation. Procedure ensure skin elasticity, increases its tone and refreshes the color of fabrics. According to reviews, the beauticians, the most commonly used in just the last such occasion (the other definition of the manipulation of effects of light). Professionals like this methodology due to the lack of complications that is important косметологической practice. The reference method is considered the most easier and safer.

Proponents of Fractional photothermolysis ways to improve the skin can get a lot of advantages:

  • constricted facial pores;
  • even, natural tone of the cover;
  • wrinkles are smoother;
  • the complete removal of vascular networks;
  • excretion hyperpigmentation;
  • soft, pleasant to the touch skin.
 Lasernoorendus the skin around the eyes is

Listed benign effects can be a procedure is not only middle age, but as a result of facial resurfacing with lasers after 50 years. The application ray high energy equally effectively.

Lasernoorendus the skin around the eyes is

Eye surroundings the most vulnerable to the formation of wrinkles, bags, goose feet, дряблости. Smaller errors in this part of the face immediately noticeable: they are negatively reflected in the general appearance. The skin here is subtle, gentle, so that the influence on him of aggressive substances and methods categorically contraindicated.

Fractional photothermolysis laser procedure that ensure the removal is microscopic portions outdated stretches the skin. Computer selection of suitable parameters to ensure its security. The eye area becomes smooth, flat, have all the peculiarities of the young tissues.

The advantages of laser resurfacing

The beneficial influence of the laser beam undeniable. Provided smart and дозированного the request of the patient said that such pros manipulation:

 The advantages of laser resurfacing
  1. Processing will not leave scarring or other great traces. This is due to the point of view of the impact of the skin defect. Smaller signs recently undergone a manipulation in the form of attending already 3-4 days.
  2. The possibility of processing large areas of skin 1 time. To improve the condition of the skin immediately across the face, enough to visit only one session of laser treatment and is visible on the first to improve.
  3. The procedure is virtually painless. The only feeling, which the patient is currently already work beautician tingling. It is small, does not need way through the pain.
  4. The opportunity to rejuvenate the zone of décolleté, neck, eye area most vulnerable to pain body areas.

Also a valid argument laser resurfacing works for a very small percentage of side effects. The main thing is to properly do the maintenance after the косметологической processing.

Indications procedures

The effect is rapid, high energy beneficially affects the skin snow cover people for such phenomena:

  • the skin changes that is caused by aging;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • miimikakortse;
  • Demodecosis;
  • the impact of acne scars, spots or sores;
  • reduce the skin tone;
  • uneven complexion to cover persons;
  • which network of blood vessels;
  • the existence of enlarged pores.

The skin is after manipulation becomes uniform, healthy, normal color, without cardiovascular design. Thanks to the stimulation of cells to produce collagen, the cell of the skin to cover the amplification of the face becomes more resilient.

 Indications procedures


The high quality of the procedure and guarantee a positive outcome should not be the argument that its passage, if the patient is:

  • Occurring inflammatory elements of the plot planning the impact of the laser.
  • Psoriasis, dermatoses, herpes.
  • Precancerous status, oncological diseases tumors доброкачественного or malignant origin, regardless of their localization.
  • The recent transformation of chemical peel (last two weeks).
  • Problems свертываемостью blood.
  • In autoimmune disease.
  • Diabetes type 1.
  • Hüpertooniatõbi, ишемия difficult form of development.
  • Varicose disease.
  • Psychological diseases.
  • Reception сульфаниламидов, fluoroquinolones, as well as медикаментозных medicines, all of the sensitivity to ultraviolet light.
  • Predisposition to the formation of colloidal scarring.
  • Confirmed cases of vitiligo have a family history.
  • Period вынашивания fruit.
  • Need breastfeeding. If you have listed the factors, held lasernoorendus absolutely cannot.

However, there are several relative contraindications. Among these, a fresh tan, the passage surface and intermediate shells, which is carried out in the zone of the proposed handling of the last 2 weeks.

Side effects

 Side effects

Phase consultancy specialist reads all the pros and cons of laser facial rejuvenation. At this point the patient's warning procedure may occur minor complications. The short-term reaction is not the threat that life will return to normal itself. The task of the patient to accelerate recovery through fulfilling the advice of the doctor.

One of the likely abnormal factors of the phenomena include:

  • the occurrence of red spots on the spot processing;itching low intensity;
  • infection with the herpes virus;
  • change the structure of the skin;
  • excessive exfoliation;
  • cover crust with;
  • нагноение person (if your skin wear damage to the contaminated hands made infection).

Scarring and change of pigmentation on the spot processed by the laser occurs, when the patient is intentionally hidden these things from the beautician of the existence of he contraindications to the procedure. Namely, dopingusaaga them hormonal means, you are predisposed to false concretionary scarring.

The right tactics after the procedure

 the right tactics after the procedure

The importance of facial rejuvenation with lasers most of the customers are underestimated. They mistakenly believe that the end result предопределяется exceptionally finished doctor. But in fact, is a procedure происходящая office beautician, needs follow-up. If this is done correctly, there is obtained the effect is maintained for a long time.

After the procedure the beautician warns in the near future is contraindicated in:

  • Affect the body with water or steam to go to the swimming pool, sauna, sauna.
  • Leave the skin radiation ультрафиолетом sunbathe on the sun bed, beach.
  • Meet косметологические once the aggressive nature of the peels, dermabrasion.
  • Antibiotics, hormonal medications.
  • To perform the operations, which speeds up the blood circulation, its притоку face massage, physical exercises.
  • Preferably not stay in the open air.

The treated skin is very sensitive: the environmental impact may be detrimental to the affect the skin condition. It is also contraindicated in the first time to enjoy decorative cosmetics. In particular this applies to the question of the application of the product-generating resources.

Patients should be transferred to the skin special medications in which composition the Dexpanthenol. Bepanthen, Panthenol all of the required count. Need to share one of the following medicinal products on the skin to fully eliminate the red spots on the face the same irritation characterized by looking at the procedure. If the color of the cover is normal, completely restore the skin cream helps the hyaluronic acid in the composition.

Perform all the pushes, especially alcohol, categorically contraindicated! If the on-the-spot processing of the formed crust, it cannot be отторгать, combing. Violation of the integrity increases the risk of bacterial infection. Laser method skin alternative for those who are not willing to undergo injectable manipulation and plastic surgery.

To completely eliminate the defect, different patients with the necessary number of sessions per is individual. Their multitude determines the beautician, so visit their need personally: chat online faulty the opportunity to get consultation.