Face rejuvenation after 50 years in the home


The Organism of women after 50 years starts to change, and this is directly affected of the skin. It becomes dry and thin. Most of the decreases with age the skin-and the body fat layer of the neck and face, because it and appeared dry. Change the quantity of hyaluronic acid and collagen structure and the skin of the neck and face begins to sink. Decreases with age the skin of vegetation will recover more slowly, worse is saturated with oxygen and nutrients.

Causes and skin condition in women after 50 years

The same condition in women skin affected by hormone replacement therapy restructuring, i.e. the menopause. Lower estrogen levels, which is responsible for the activity of the sebaceous glands, decreases the number of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

The impact of menopause can be seen on the skin of the face, changes in the land, decreases elasticity, and arise pigmendiplekid. So there are dark circles and bags. On the forehead, around the eyes and over his lip to appear wrinkles. Will press the chin.

In order to maintain the skin high level should be turned to the right specialist. In the majority of clinics are in the treatment rooms aesthetic kosmetoloog.. These are the experienced beauticians will help you select the exercises for the face peeling after the 50 years.

Carry out the procedure, it is best not less frequently than once a month. With can be done immediately the complexity of procedures, the aim of which is to strengthen the leather cover. For example, massage, mask, chemical peeling mesotherapy and still a lot of different programs.

Also suitable for relieving and carers in accordance with the procedure. Experts of modern lounges объяснят, what are the necessary cosmetic procedures for the face after 50 years.

There are many treatments for skin rejuvenation, correction of old changes, line rejuvenation – these tools effectively will help to find a structured and taut face.

Effective face rejuvenation after 50 years

After 50 years it should be time for a more mindful attitude in your face.

First of all, should be properly eat, perform physical exercises and effectively protect the skin from the action of unfavorable external factors. Our body consists of 70% water. So to be consumed in a lot of different drinks to make up for the fluid loss. In the morning start with a glass of water, and you will notice how soon facial skin will start преображаться.

Bad habits that damage will affect the skin on the face, appears dryness and pigmentation. Alcohol, smoking and sun abuse negatively affected such as the skin. Poor nutrition also lead to poor appearance of the skin. Eating directly reflects the beauty of the face. To support beautiful skin situation and health need to be taking vitamins E and A along With this and begins in proper maintenance 50 years.

The main role of the when the a rejuvenation of the person after 50 years playing the diet and cleaning.


Clean the skin morning and evening. In doing so, it is worth wash not just water, and infusions of grass. It is also helpful in toning the skin by rubbing him with ice cubes made from the infusion of herbs.

After washing the skin of the face apply a moisturizer.

Morning is best to use a moisturizer, but evening suits nourishing. Choosing the cream, carefully study its composition.

Medications to fight wrinkles contain vitamins B and E. the Data on vitamins are responsible for their division, growth and cell restoration.

You at the beautician to be and anti age cream. High quality branded face cream to significantly improve the skin condition of the face after 50 years. The safe choice of high-quality resources, use the advice of a beautician-a specialist.

Modern methods, face peeling after 50 years

Spooning the face of the home, not ограничивайтесь only use очистительных and nourishing masks.

A couple of times a week should be applied nourishing creams and masks. A professional beautician can help you to choose the desired makeup. With, nourishing mask, you can do both at home and in the cabin.

The face is also useful in the steam bath. Thanks to a couple of of the facial muscles to relax and improves skin color.

We recommend that you buy a high quality serum hyaluronic acid. Data medications to help restore the skin's elasticity and strength. The serum is applied before the cream for the face.

Spooning facials do not forget also the interruption around the eyes. This field is necessary to choose the moisturizer based on your age and skin condition.


Below we look at what treatments are available after 50 years you can easily also make at home. There are a large number of recipes of masks, which you will be able to choose more suitable.

Experts recommend to make the mask three times a week.

And best of all to carry out data procedure shed as. For example, one mask use more than two weeks, after which you choose another. Take advantage of the advice, then предотвращаете dependence of the skin composition of the mask and it has a positive effect on the impact.

Mask, pull-up for the face

Face rejuvenation after 50 years without surgery is possible! Just need to activate the production of such necessary to us of collagen fibers. To this end, the pull-up mask, which improves elasticity and gives the skin elasticity. The effective composition of the home application — this gelatin and lanolin.

Mask of gelatin is prepared as follows: on low heat dissolve 50 ml of water and 15 g of gelatin.

Cooled mass, add 50 ml cucumber juice and 5 ml of aloe.

Mask apply on face for 25 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Mask, which is composed of a lanolin can be prepared: mix 25 g sour cream, 14 ml juice of carrots, 16 ml of potato juice and 16 ml of lemon juice. The roots obtained from the vegetable mixture add 10 g of melted beeswax, 14 ml of the oil in the wheat germ and 5 ml of lanolin.

That skin to tighten the fit of the mask in the milk serum. Is preparing 15 g of gelatine, 100 ml of serum. Gelatin is dissolved on a water bath and add 4 drops of wheatgerm and jojoba oil.

Mask to nourish the skin

Data mask moisturizes the skin, restore the lipid metabolism, make the skin snow cover smooth, soft and clean. Nourishing mask keep skin in about 25 minutes. Mask to wash off the can with cool water. The most famous nutrient masks is a potato, egg whites and honey.


Egg mask is prepared as follows: egg white whip the lemon juice. The resulting mass is transferred to the cleaned skin. After drying the mask, wash and put the second mixture, which is made of lemon juice, egg yolks and 14 drops of olive oil. If the mask away dries, it is necessary to wash in cool water.

Honey mask is the face of the special effects. The given mask is needed to melt 14 ml of honey and add 15 ml of the green tea and blend. Ready to blend the heel to the skin several layers and wash after 20 minutes.

To add freshness to the person suitable for the potato mask. Need to boil the potatoes and grind it to puree. The mixture add 30 ml of milk and egg yolk. The mixture is transferred to a person and covered with a soft cloth.

If you do not want to prepare the face mask, you can use ready-made products or cosmetic oils for the face after 50 years.

Choose the proven mask the best manufacturers.

Massage for the face

Facial massage increases blood circulation, nourishes the skin with oxygen and slows down aging. Salon professionals practice different techniques of massage. This procedure improves skin complexion, smoothes out wrinkles, increases the elasticity of the skin, enriches the tissues with oxygen. Massage speeds up the recovery of skin of the lids and improves mood. Already after the first session is to feel amazing relaxation.

Special popularity acquired by japanese anti age massage for the face. This type of massage warns of the appearance of the cheeks. After completing the course to decrease, puffiness and bags under the eyes. Many patients using massage to get rid of a double chin.

After 50 years skin starts to hang, so special attention should be. Thus, the massage, after 50 years is best done in the cabin are professional masseurs. Wrong action, when massage can deform the skin, and this is only worsen the already complicated situation. Wrinkles this may become deeper. Not expertly made procedure causes irritation. So after 50 years, there is no need to deal with the massage itself. Best of all is to turn to the dexterous professionals, who know perfectly the technique, massage.

Going to the salon is a massage, remember to get the best result from this procedure can only be made after a full course. I went to a massage once a month is not considered to be a tangible result. The skin condition begins to improve only after through several times.

Methods, face peeling after 50 years

Effective and successful rejuvenation needs to be every month to go to the beautician.


Doctor-cosmetologist will examine your face and will choose the optimal program of maintenance.

To be complex approach to the process of rejuvenation.

50 years is not enough just to take care of your face at home. In the cabin you will be able to try the latest methods, the impact that you just can maintain, and in the home.

In the cabin, can choose the hardware procedure, which helps fight the aging signs of aging. Patients who have this course, you will notice the great results. The skin becomes fresh and smooth. Today, there are many different ways, but is widely used as a laser facelift. Given the chance to fight wrinkles – it is the best solution for those who do not want to use хирургическому intervention. To effectively rejuvenate a person by means of mezon. An important point to make, young skin is times of the face peeling after the 50 years.

Pick up the money needed is indicated in the 50+. Common many women cream by vichy. But this mark does not fit all. Therefore, before you buy creams, masks, serum and other medicines are a necessary specialist consultation.

Do not pay to deny ourselves the masks, massages and so on-is professional care. Do not pay also to save money.

Pay great attention to and the choice of decorative cosmetics. All of the products on the face after 50 years should be of high quality.

Substandard products may exacerbate problems with the skin of the face.

For example, bad тональная on the basis of can cause unpleasant rashes and irritation on the face.

Studies show that a bad mood to damage the skin. Excessive nervousness, negative emotions are the cause of new wrinkles. Smile more. Rejoice in insignificant trifles. Save your bright and positive attitude to life, and you will notice how your face younger.



Not all the time, after 50 years give a positive result. If you want to get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin and other age-specific changes, the path of plastic from the facelift. This procedure can be безоперационной and the operating system. Each of the methods quickly and without complications rejuvenates the face of the women.

Effective such lifting without surgical intervention — this rejuvenation, if the aid of a laser. Procedure in the process of doing the puncture, through which is administered the smallest optical fibry. The correct site of skin them to receive the laser beam. It burns excess fat, including and nahaaluses fat fiber.

After the procedure, significantly decreases body fat layer and skin becomes uniform and smooth. It should be noted that дермальный layer can be pull only under the influence of the temperature. In doing so, begin to actively producing elastin and collagen, thanks to which restores skin firmness and elasticity. The stable effect of the laser braces it is necessary to conduct the course four times a month. Already two weeks has noticeable effects.

Mezon was эндоскопический lifting and SMAS-lifting

Facelift mezonityami has won great popularity. Hardware face rejuvenation after 50 years and nitevoi lifting easy to carry women of any ago. Lift mezonityami gives excellent results.

If this procedure the soft tissues of the facial skin is introduced to the thread. They will help to fix the definite location of the face, respectively. The result of the braces lasts for two years.

Эндоскопический lifting helps to get rid of various age related changes. Пластику carried out by means of эндоскопа and does not require additional surgical intervention. Given braces the plastic surgeon enough to perform a number of cuts. The seams are not it is noticeable, that these are securely hidden in the hair. Procedure result will be maintained for up to 10 years.


SMAS-lifting is performed surgically. Through this procedure, penetrate the subcutaneous tissue. The operation is complex enough, but the recovery time passes quickly. A few months after the facial skin to fully recover after the operation.