In order to effectively face peeling at home?


Many modern women do not imagine their lives without such procedures as facial rejuvenation. Facial skin is after reaching a certain age starts to be old, – it loses moisture, fades and decreases subcutaneous fat. As a result, there are wrinkles. So is every woman so it is important at the right time through the skin rejuvenation of the face, because all want to be beautiful and well-groomed. Facial rejuvenation can be done in many ways – whether in the cabin or in the home. Facial rejuvenation home conditions means a prescription, which is usually used for a variety of natural and natural resources. These recipes bring a positive and quick result.

Mask facial exfoliation at home

Often women are seeking facial rejuvenation at home mask. They have a mass of advantages, especially compared to the means from the store that contain many different preservatives or additives. There are some of the most common masks to facial rejuvenation.

The recipe is from the herbs

Facial rejuvenation, where the aid herbs can be done using the following mask. It is necessary to take strawberry leaves, plantain, yarrow, black currant, linden. Chop and mix. Then 4 tablespoons of the mixture заливаются a small amount of hot water. The end should be able to paste. It should be applied 15 minutes on the neck and face. Such a mask for facial rejuvenation at home will give fast result.

The recipe is from the milk


A little bit of warm milk and add a couple of spoonfuls of flour. The mixture consistency should be similar to sour cream. Thither added to the egg yolk – all размешивается and apply to the face. Later 20 minutes, and it comes off in the wash water, to which is added lemon juice. Thanks to this recipe from facial rejuvenation to achieve the maximum effect.

The recipe is from the potato

Facial rejuvenation using potatoes to help those who have a dry skin type. To this end, it is necessary to boil the potatoes and mash. Person her caused warm for about 20 minutes. Rinse should be with warm water. The result is the kind of mask – to get rid of small wrinkles.

The recipe is from the protein

Chicken protein must be to win is a solid foam. There added 1 teaspoon. of honey and 2 teaspoon of. flour. All need to mix and transfer to the skin for 20 minutes skin. Then rinse with warm water. A similar recipe for a facial peeling in homes allows you to quickly and easily get rid of the face in addition, and improve skin color.

The recipe is from the honey

Using the mask the face with honey rejuvenation is able to achieve an overwhelming effect. First, it is possible to prepare a mask with honey and cinnamon. In order to be taken, these two ingredients in a ratio of 1:1. May add 1 tsp. olive oil. To keep him is needed in about 20 minutes.

Effective mask of honey and egg. It is necessary to take 1 egg, 1 tsp. honey. A homogeneous mass is requested for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water. Third, the mask, honey and lemon, which smooths fine eye wrinkles. Taken 1 tsp. of honey and 2 teaspoon of. lemon juice or the flesh. The mixture, washed with cold water. Such recipes for a face rejuvenation can be used for each wife, as the ingredients are available to all.

Thus, largely depends on the facial rejuvenation at home, recipes and tools.

Assistance can rejuvenation

In order to achieve effective facial exfoliation medications pharmacy, it is necessary to examine what is specific to the oil can be used and how they affect the skin.

Oil of roses


It regenerates cells, improves näoovaali, smooths wrinkles, makes skin firmer, eliminating spots, toning the skin. The use of such medicinal product to rejuvenate the face of the so – tonic or cream is added 3-5 drops of oil.

Rosemary oil

It contributes to cell renewal and improves blood circulation, as well as ideal for fighting мельчайшими морщинками. Mask oil, rosemary, you need an opponent for 40 minutes.

The oil of geraniums

Geranium – this fitoestragen. Especially worth to pay attention to the oil out of this plant for women, перешедшим 40 year age limit. It helps to restore the elasticity and youthful of face. Suitable for such a tool facial rejuvenation sensitive type. It is advisable to add this fatty cream and use this mixture as a mask. This is apply on face for 30 minutes and scrap the removed tissue with or towel.

Lactic acid

Its effect is to upgrade the cells, which is especially important to the skin. Lactic acid refreshes the skin and smoothes the fine wrinkles of us. This can be added to cream, peeling or tonic. If acid is added to the cream or water, then it has to be 20%, while the peeling – you can add up to 80%.


The use of drugs of facial rejuvenation in the form of oil of rosewood allows you to firm the skin and slow down the aging process. His is mixed with cream and used to compress. Cause the consistency on the skin and leave for 30 minutes.

Hyaluronic acid

Such a tool such as hyaluronic acid rejuvenation a person may play a positive role. First of all, this is due to the fact that it is a natural element of the tissues in the human body. Hyaluronic acid activates the process of the production of collagen and to maintain optimal water balance. When the body does not have enough hyaluronic acid, then the skin becomes dry on the lookout, peeling and makes блеклой.

Hyaluronic acid is used as follows – it is diluted with warm water and leave to swell. Viscous consistency is made of hyaluronic acid to the skin of the face, previously cleansed.

Hyaluronic acid acid can be used in two ways:

  1. Cover the entire surface of the person;
  2. Carry only the problematic zone.
  3. The Mask is made of hyaluronic acid-no need to rinse. Skin treated with this kind of solution, it is necessary to generate a rejuvenating cream.


    Often the problems are the rapid aging of the skin come due to the lack of vitamins and nutrients. So before you use an expensive anti-aging medications, it is worth пропить course of vitamins.

    Today in the pharmacy are sold in many types and forms of publications of the data subjects. If rejuvenation of a person play an important role vitamins E and A, it is Best to use just the oil in capsules. They can be used and a separate tool, and mix with the cream. With the capsules of the external application it is recommended to use the vitamins inside. Usually, of course, will reach one decade.

    Features home rejuvenation

    If rejuvenation of a person at home fast result is achieved easy. It is undoubtedly also a pleasant process.

    Facial rejuvenation is different from a number of advantages:

    1. peels, cleansing and mask face peeling can easily prepare for yourself;
    2. preparing tools are often components that are available in the kitchen is to any home;
    3. kartulikoori and mask face peeling, which is made of homemade, all-natural;
    4. such tools do not contain food colours and preservatives, therefore completely safe to the health of women.

    A definite plus, for whom is the home of facial rejuvenation, this price availability. Tools, which is a manufactured home, significantly сэкономят budget. It is, after all, a facial rejuvenation using салонных procedures are pretty expensive.

    If the skin rejuvenation of a person in the home the first thing you need to do – it is to consume enough water. Day the cost be not less one and a half liters. Some part of the water may be replaced by green tea.

    In order to achieve a quick face exfoliation at home is the need to pay attention to your diet. Using vitamins and minerals, which are found in fruit and vegetables, you can significantly improve condition of the skin. So, citrus is a lot of vitamin C, grapes – group and olive oil – A and E.

    But in any case, the face exfoliation at home should be the use of people's money and specialized recipes.

    Thus, facial skin rejuvenation and décolleté home conditions entirely possible. The impact of regularly occurring procedures in a positive and quick enough. But in any case, it is best to pre-consult with the beautician.