Facial skin rejuvenation

The person women, like his business card, because it may be a lot to say to the woman. The quality of the facial skin wife talks about her habits, reveals some details about his character, about his possible age. Over the years, is, the face is, of course, is aging and a woman rushed into the death of young people, seeking answers to the question, how to stop aging of the skin complexion. Start numerous search tools, which offer facial rejuvenation. But not all of them are effective.

Types of facial aging

types of facial aging

At the beginning of the ageing skin on the face in women occur visually unnoticed ageing of the skin characteristics of the person occur as a result of slow changes in the entire organism at the cellular level. As claim professionals, to more effectively develop individual techniques for rejuvenation, knowing the types of aging of the face is every woman for.

If thin women with oval shaped face will notice the nasolabial folds, tear compared to b, is likely to be his person ageing over the tired type. In doing so, the volume of that person disappeared. In the morning it shines freshness, but this is already the second half of the day will acquire a tired look. Is notice how the corners of his eyes and mouth slowly press down. Human skin is this woman refers to the combined or the same as the normal type.

Provided that you have the same skinny women have dry skin, it is too early, you may notice the aging face: the appearance of the first addition to the region of the forehead, crows feet. With age it makes the skin still on earth and waiting to be dehydrated. If he asks for smokes, then and wrinkles, which are placed around the lips, appear very quickly. All of the traits it speaks finely wrinkled type of aging in the face.

Full women, who are young in the face of unreasoning healthy blush too chubby cheeks, ready deformationi type of aging in the face. They notice how with age, the cheeks begin to slightly below the shelve. Oval face sank down, losing the clarity of the lines. Often in the morning the face of the swells. In addition, there is little, they can not be displayed until the high age. But is the nasolabial fold. Because the complete women often suffer from vascular diseases, their face can be seen in the redness and vascular figure, especially under the eyes.

Each listed type of aging encounters rarely in pure form. More often than not, a woman has all three types of who consistently join to each other.

If a woman is among the people was the asians or the europeans, then perhaps the aging of this person's nature, muscularis type. It is their objects the most favourable, because if it for a long time do not have wrinkles. Only, years, there will be the nasolabial fold. Such a person is aging very late, but sharply, due to the decrease in their muscle tone.

Deep into old age all aging merge, forming senile such a face, exhausted, completely covered in dehydrated wrinkled skin.

General methods of facial rejuvenation

recommendations for skin rejuvenation

Are general recommendations aimed at facial rejuvenation, they are suitable for any type of aging. Yet it is recommendation by aging.

Deep moisturizing

With age the skin loses moisture from the cells and not to leave him. The use of ordinary moisturizers, brings only superficial to the skin depth, wetted, with briefly. Therefore, the use of tools, which may keep moisture in the skin. To this end, has developed several cosmetic products and salon times. They all use hyaluronic acid. Just within this period will lose the skin of the face, and only this can keep the moisture of skin cells.

Restore elasticity

In addition to moisturizing, facial rejuvenation targeted supplementary food, because it loses collagen. Today it is possible to buy:

  • collagen in the form of serum;
  • cream kollageeniga;
  • face mask kollageeniga;
  • cosmetic preparations in which the composition is and collagen, hyaluronic acid.

Natural oils and impurities

Provided an integrated approach, which is a significant rejuvenating effect skin offer all kinds of herbal components, as follows:

  • oil vine seeds;
  • wheat germ oil;
  • oil almond;
  • Moroccan argan oil;
  • linseed and pumpkin oil;
  • olive oil.

You can make yourself, or a mixture of several of the above listed oils, add your favorite essential oil and a few drops of Q10. You can use it as a facial massaging, so just as a moisturizer. It does not leave a greasy film, well absorbed and allows the skin to breathe.

Recommendations for rejuvenation according to the persons

how to rejuvenate different skin types

To the tired traveler type of person suitable to be a full vacation to use serum with vitamin c and AHA acids. In the cabin aesthetics can be used to massage for giving the skin tone, it can be a massage microcurrent or chiromassage. In general, suitable for all procedures, the objective of which is to improve the muscle tone of the person stimulation to produce collagen and the best color. Thereby you will be able to effectively slow the process.

Women finely crinkled type of people should be to quit smoking. Nearby points of interest also cosmetics need to prefer cleansing lotions, irrigation tools, creams peptides and the effect of botox. In the cabin, it is possible to choose a facial rejuvenation, where aid massage using a nourishing cream, mask, procedures to improve blood circulation, kartulikoori, as well as peeling of the face.

Women of deformation types of people, first of all, it is necessary to lose weight. But, it must be done gradually. Sudden weight loss may be a cruel joke, adding, saggy skin and additional wrinkles.

Home care you must choose resources, which are directed to the fight against rosacea by strengthening the walls of blood vessels, improving blood circulation. With the perfect tools, which in composition are: vitamins C, K, and R; extracts hevoskastanja and arnikaõli, seaweed.

Five energy rejuvenation

There are special exercises, which boasts the body's energy potential and to contribute to its rejuvenation. These exercises and face.

What can be done lounges

salon times rejuvenation

In the cabin is an effective facial rejuvenation using lymphatic drainage massage, treatment microcurrent, once anti rosacea. Women muscular type of aging must be monitored, that the skin has received the necessary irrigation. Periodically it is necessary to use tools to improve skin pigmentation, this gives your result.

Beauty salons offer a multitude of programs face peeling, the important thing is not to get lost in the selection. Usually, before something to offer, cosmetologists make a diagnosis of the face. Data diagnosis shows that there is a need for skin rejuvenation. Only after the selection of the individual program.

Very well help the hardware in accordance with the procedure, injections of fibroblasts, plasmolifting, massage.


The face is always in need of maintenance. Already in adolescence should start skin aging, the prevention of the face. Adult women should be carefully monitored bedtime, diet, but also the flow of vitamin to the skin. Salon procedures and tools for cosmetology today is so advanced, that their means of skin rejuvenation of the face is quite possible.