The right facial treatment

Adolescence problems of skin disease are familiar to almost everyone. But fortunately, this time quite quickly passes, and our skin once again soft and silky. Here is the at this time many women to relax and more to devote to your skin to pay more attention. But here is the main question: do you have to be to risk the beauty and health of the skin, bringing it before the unfortunate status? Because it is much easier to take yes, and start to take care of themselves relatively young age? You don't even need to spend this cosmic amounts, and every weekend forever through the cosmetic salons! Perfectly adequate is to the basic simple requirements, what sets us our skin at certain periods, and just maintain your state of health.

Facials in the summer


Unfortunately, the main delights of the annual period: the sun and the high temperature – it is still, and the first enemies of beauty and health. And, above all, their negative impact on the total of just the leather covers. Dangerous dries the uv, and without the tired skin, some people complain at the same time the appearance of age spots and freckles and no one yet and "decorated" in bold brilliance of the forehead, acne, rashes and redness. The heat makes the reason that makeup is on our face "flows" and becomes blocked at the pores – enjoyable in such a situation is very and very small.

First of all, remember on the cleaned skin. Summer is a bit of a change part of your cosmetics: if previously you have had the bad cleaning means – you can now remove them from the remote mailbox. Summer is the right treatment, they absolutely do not fit. Better to prefer the more delicate cosmetics: simple tools to washing your face, the gentle than the scrubs loose texture, liquids, made, not not alcohol and herbal based.

If the skin is greasy and prone to acne formation, or they already exist it is recommended to use special lotions.

Another golden rule, summer is in this, in order to minimize touch his face with his hands. So it happened that this summer, our fingers are often turn out to be dusty and not quite clean, and sweaty skin only this and looks that a lot of us a new behind the skin. So when you make your appearance and health – the best don't face the summer heat.

Rule number two, summer is a competent skin protection. The first thing you need to protect it from uv light. So all your creams, serums and art simply must have protection from the sun. In general, it is desirable that the entire cosmetics and over this period had not been nutritious, and moisturizing. Easier building of cosmetic products allows not to harass the leather covers, it also leaves you with the unpleasant sensation of gravity and the contradiction between the shine on the nose and forehead. Special attention is in the summer need to pay at the body care-and medieval. Think of yourself, how often do we close we eyes went to the street without sunglasses! But it is very harmful to our century. Therefore, it is worth in advance take care of to buy to protect the cream zone.

The basic rule of the summer – this is a skin irrigation. As we have already reached to mention, the preferred the summer months the best gift to moisten the cosmetics tools. But that's not all: in order to ensure the skin's normal hydration, need to get the bottle with water, what is the need to constantly carry a wallet. If you can buy a thermal water – it is very good. But even the most usual mineral or purified water will become an indispensable assistant to actually moisturize your skin in the summer. The most convenient way to hydrate – it spray water through the pulverisaator. If you do not eat with fogging, does not dare – can be just water with a wet cloth and put him in the face. Remember also drinking. The summer heat in our body then goes into quite a lot of liquid, so it is extremely important to have the right time to restore the fluid balance in the body – it affects medicinally and is able to the skin.

Have a bit of a change and its "battle color". Summer makeup should be much more sustainable and gentle, if it is spring or autumn brother. Forget for a moment the thick tone of the cream – in the summer it better to hide in the far corner and replaced it at a let come to better light makeup below. If you can cope without it – it is perfect! It is, after all, beauticians generally do not recommend the use of toning means during the summer. This also applies to the icing sugar. It would be better if you give preference to a lightweight tool that you can use in the morning and during the day to process the skin with special wipes. And finally, we add that all decorative cosmetics in summer should be added to your composition filters protect against uv-rays.

Facials in the winter

Winter skin care differs significantly in the summer. But if in the winter, so and summer months is one similar to the line – this time should be paid to the skin greater attention. Without the window in the back is worth the frosty, it is windy, sometimes suddenly happens unexpected thaw – all this affects the health of the skin. Very often in the winter, the skin becomes then too dry, then suddenly there the pink, then glossy and greasy. Therefore, attention needs to be skincare. The weather is not the only enemy is our skin. Enemy number two is the central heating. We all know that during the winter months in the premises of the air becomes too dry, that immediately the toll, the skin is not the best way. So if you are õhuniisuti user, then definitely use it. If such a device is not, can easily come in, have a replacement – for example, to arrange the room in small tanks with water.

facial masks

In the winter of hygienic procedures, it is best not to use too hot water. The optimal is to use water at room temperature, in order to washing your face. You can also prepare a simple infusion for wiping the face. For example, the well affects the condition of the skin infusion with flax seed. He prepares elementary: need one teaspoon spoon of seed scalded with boiling water and continue to pull so a quarter of an hour, then strain the liquid and use a warm state. It also positively influences the general condition of winter wiping the person in a cube of ice. In the manufacture of ice may freeze the ordinary purified water, the broth, the healing herbs or tea.

Over the cosmetics, can say the following: in the winter it is worth to prefer bold fortified creams. Remember that before you go is cold, be sure to amply apply on face nutritious cream. Only this should be done not before leaving home, and at least half an hour before it. In addition, do not forget to wet your skin with a cloth to remove excess cream.

Do not pay for the knee stick to the use of the shells and against. Winter time may be your skin and so is too sensitive, so no need to injure his rude cosmetic means. The use of scrub can be a time in seven-eight days. The role of the if skin care during the winter months playing and catering. Your diet should be useful and balanced. Over, make-up can be to say the following: cosmetics winter must be fulfilled is not so decorative, how much to restore that function. Before the application of the tonal cream is necessary to first lubricate the face nourishing cream. It is the same also applies to lips. Wear them in a bit of a greasy cream or a special shampoo.

The rules of facial skin maintenance home

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing medicines for facials, it is your skin type. In the cabin is for you make the professionals-cosmetologists, but the home conditions to do so have to you personally. This, what is your skin depends on the course to take care of him. By the way, some of the following may be acquiring problematic properties – the skin can be very sensitive, restless, fading. Each skin type is necessary for the protection, cleaning, irrigation and catering.

In order to correctly nourish your skin, it is necessary to correctly choose a special moisturizer and periodically do a nourishing mask. Irrigation is worth to drink more fluids and wash at least twice a day. But keep in mind that washing is not desirable to implement ordinary toilet soap, for the reason that this may dry the skin. Optimal is the use of washing special gels or milk, it is also itself made of decoctions and infusions from the treatment herbs. Cleans the facial skin is recommended to do kartulikoori and use a scrub to suit your type.

You can apply to buy, and cooked yourself tools is focused on facial care. However, it should be remembered that skin requires a systematic integrated care. The optimal choice would be to buy several at a time, funds for maintenance, production of one and the same brand. You are thus protected from unpleasant results, when tested in cosmetics. In the end, do not forget that most money is created whereas the proposed comprehensive their use, which complements the activities of different components.

Primary integrated care for any skin type includes cleaning, toning, protective, moisturizing and nourishing medicines. Additional maintenance of the most commonly used for cleaning and kartulikoori, the masks and serums.

Tools for cleaning directed to the gentle removal of residues of makeup, dirt, dust and toxins. It can be a gel wash or wax, milk or lotion. The activity of tonic medicines directed to the refreshment of the skin. Optimally, if the tonics, which you use, does not contain in its composition of alcohol. Remedies nutrition and moisture levels will help maintain the best possible water balance in the skin.

Over the scrub and the peels can be said that they help the skin get rid of dead skin cells and has deep enough dirt. But the use of them the best not too often. Relatively masks for the face may be noted that the chosen correctly, they help moisturize the skin minerals, vitamins and other important health components. Serum is a targeted activity and contribute to short time to cope with a specific task – to remove the inflammation, smooth the thin wrinkles or improve the complexion.

Effective mask for the face

Face masks just need to be safe, effective and useful. It is important to choose such products, which are well suitable for your skin type. It can also be purchased in the salon or store configurations, and cooked yourself at home. The latest would like to say a few words in particular. The whole charm of homemade masks is that preparing them is quite possible without excessive expenditure of effort, time and money.

Oily skin recommend to make a mask of lemon and protein. Ready to this is very simple: two teaspoons of lemon juice needed to beat the two egg whites protein and to transfer the obtained mixture to your face. By the way, very well resonate with oily skin the quail egg. Can be worn on the person raw protein, give him a little bit to dry, then add another layer and do so several times. After that, when the layers of protein to keep your skin about a quarter of an hour, can be washed.

Skin, prone to dry, make a mask of honey and curd. To do this, mix a tablespoon of curd cheese and two tablespoons of slightly warmed honey. This mixture is transferred to the face and after the impact, wash.

Sensitive skin is absolutely real, that a lot of the mask of cheese, milk and cucumber. Useful to you tablespoons of cottage cheese, the same amount of pulp from the shredded cucumber and the warm milk - two tablespoons. All of this is very carefully mixed and the plot of the skin.

Normal skin also do not discard useful masks. One of them is this: oatmeal (two tablespoons) cooked the same amount of hot milk, cool to room temperature and lubricate the face.

facial treatment house

Problematic skin is grateful, because the mask of honey and onion. Two tablespoons of onion juice is required to connect to the same a lot of a little bit of warm honey, carefully stir, transfer to your skin.

Aging skin is a useful mask, cooked white cosmetic clay. In preparation for this it is necessary two tablespoons of powder is diluted with water and add sour cream and olive oil. This mask helps to restore skin sagging skin.

May also prepare the cucumber näovesi – this is a great tool refreshes and stimulates the skin. This preparation is necessary to cut the peeled cucumber into small pieces and pour it in the milk. Boil the mixture about five minutes, then is cooled and filtered. Another useful recipe is the sage lotion. Preparing it is quite simple: two tablespoons of dried sage leaves is the need of scalded glass of boiling water and continue to pull the mixture for two hours. After this period add one teaspoon of honey and filtered, properly mixed and cooled.

We have brought here only some of the possible tools is balanced, skin care products, what you can do at home. But there are a large number of different masks, tonics and lotions to maintain skin health, it is easy to prepared at home. Every woman will surely find one recipe, which is optimal for her!