The basics of skin care of face after 30 years

Facials after 30 years – not losing the relevance of the topic is women who are noticing the first signs of aging, which is inherent in absolutely all, who in this age. The number and the seriousness in addition to the emergence of sagging, dryness, traces of fatigue may depend on many factors, which include the lifestyle of observance of the mode of sleep, rest, hormones, especially food, hereditary predisposition, the existence of bad habits, chronic diseases of the organism. There are several tips which will help to slow down aging, but special attention should be given to nuances, which is skin care after 30 years.

If you thirty

skin care after 30

Absolutely wrong is the claim that the flowering of female beauty fell 18-25 years. On the contrary, closer to thirty, even later, when the finally found their style, appears self-confidence is the accumulated life experience, can be said that this complaint. Unfortunately, just at this period beginning with age caused by changes. Slows down the cell regeneration of the skin, thereby reducing the number of heat collagen and elasticity deterioration lead to a visible change.

The skin is after 30 years are more inclined to the appearance of a trace of fatigue, circles under the eyes, vascular eye dryness, change of colour. Some women already 30-35 years complain about the geometry changes of the face, which occurs because of the sagging in the area of the cheeks, visible to rippu perched on the foot corners, which the nasolabial folds, the deterioration of the country the delicate skin around your eyes.

Take care of your face better to start long before the first signs of aging, it is easier to achieve the desired result, the processes slow down aging and looks younger than his age. The weight of daily problems, the lack of, just laziness often troublesome to take care of themselves properly, but it should be remembered that the abundance of put decorative cosmetics can not solve the problem.

Comprehensive maintenance

Skin after 30 years very important to daily comprehensive care. Relevancy through the morning and evening times and the correctness of the use of a variety of cosmetics – one of the most important rules that you must adhere to in the fight against beauty. Basic homemade manipulation of the face do not take much time, but you need to be an integral part of life.

Stages of facial skin care house include cleansing, toning, nourishing cream application.

Proper hygiene

The rule is to start each morning the right washing, to remove the surface skin of fat -, product-cell activity. Exactly so have to end the day washing away the makeup with contaminated dust, dirt.

To touch the face, you can only clean hands, to avoid the addition of infection to the development of the inflammatory process, so in advance they need to be washed. Need to rid of the habit of touch the skin during the day without a clear without the need. Cleaning is important in order to increase the efficiency of the application of the following cosmetic products, which is difficult to break through the Horny cell layer.

That face wash best suited to the special foams, gels, selected according to skin type. I should not use for this purpose is the ordinary toilet soap, especially the european tendency to dry and flaking. Many cosmetologists recommend washing the filtered, melted or boiled with water to room temperature, that does not feel the action of chlorine, which is tap water. Washing in hot or cold water leads spasm of blood vessels, reinforced the composition of the skin fat. Evening cleaning must be more thorough. If a face is cosmetic, it is recommended to first do means even better skin tone correcting it greatly simplifies the task. A small amount will be transferred to the clothing drive, gently out along the line of the lashes, upper and lower century. Rub the eye can not, it may cause the prevent cosmetics mucous membranes, sensitivity, contribute to the cilia. After washing the face, rather than rub, and gently wet towel.

Toning of the skin

This phase of the maintenance is necessary in order to restore after cleaning the normal acid-alkaline balance of pH, preparing the skin causes a nourishing cream. Be sure to place twice a day, morning and evening. The correct toning of the skin – one step to improve the microcirculation, increasing the elasticity, smoothness and giving a person fresh from. Cotton hard drive, well soaked tool, gently spend the nose is massaging gently.

Oily skin suitable tonics are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, which is also able to prevent acne emergence of the rash due to the normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Women who have problem skin, which is often encounter pimples, it is best to choose a tool with the alcohol part, which dries the inflamed areas.

It should be remembered, alcohol tonics is not suitable for dry skin, even in the case when the existing acne and rash

Quite often there will be difficulties with the choice of caring cosmetics combination skin, prone to the increased production of fat T-zone, dry cheeks. In this case, it is best to use cleaners foams, gels, fats in the type, only that in this area.

Nutrition, fluid


This is the most important part is the skin care of face, after 30 years, because of the inability to keep enough water in the tissues causing damage in their freshness, elasticity, elasticity and results in wrinkles.

The most suitable cream may be recommended, the beautician, is not superfluous to read reviews or first of all do probes, to eliminate the possibility of developing an allergic reaction

Professionals in your field recommend squeeze a little bit of cream back by hands, warming to room temperature, to increase its efficiency, and after – bear face. Feeding the tool in a steady smooth motion. Delicate skin around your eyes needs special attention and special care products, selected and used, on the basis of the problems, such as swelling, bags, wrinkles.

When you set out to improve the condition of the skin, to reduce the amount of in addition, to restore a flourishing appearance, do not skimp on the nutritional value of the cream. Do not pay the opponent too small or too large an amount, so as not to disturb the natural breathing. If it is used too much makeup, the surplus must be carefully cleaned with a cloth.

Daily facial care is recommended to be conducted not later than half an hour before exiting out of the seasons, in winter it is recommended to continue with more time – not less than an hour, it means time well absorbed, is well to protect the leather cover. Cosmetics night care is used an hour before bedtime or before it.

The skin condition and the severity of wrinkles in women after 30 can vary significantly. In addition to the main departure, it is useful to add the anti-age cosmetics, which contains peptides, vitamins, retinol. To strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improving the food, microcirculation, beauticians recommend remedies, which is the extract of arnica, marine algae, horse chestnut.

Rules for the application of cosmetics

Cosmetologists pay special attention to the purity of the topical application of creams and other cosmetics, to achieve the desired result can not be as constant pressure, tensile strength, excessive massage on the problematic areas, thus:

  • all the tools gently to cause the padded fingertips is the simple moving surface, mainly heading away from the centre of the face, arm must be relaxed;
  • around the eyes where skin is very thin and gentle, allowed it is quite easy to pat, for example, medium and cranes into your fingers;
  • manipulation must not cause inconvenience to, check the entry into force of pressure;
  • do not forget to take care of the neck and the area of the neck, which also affects aging and give wife.

Eye care after 30

Eye skin is very delicate and sensitive, thus is more inclined to the appearance of the first signs of aging, in addition, swelling, bags. To avoid such unpleasant phenomena can easily, to ensure complete, high-quality and regular maintenance.


Decline in the replacement ability of the skin age, hair moisture, elasticity, in particular the effect on the skin around the eyes, which is traitorous betraying wife age, despite blooming appearance and fit face contours. Caring cosmetics in this vulnerable area should appear in the arsenal of the members of the fairer sex up to thirty. An important role is played by additional measures to prevent the wrinkles from occurring, swelling and sagging of the century. Seriously reflects the external form of habit to go without the sunglasses, constantly to squint, to strain the facial muscles, which leads to the deepening of the wrinkles. Strong stretching the skin and reducing elasticity will help systematic eating at night, or drinking a lot of fluids before bedtime.

The thickness of the skin around the eyes is about four times smaller compared to the rest of the part of the person, about 0.5 mm, there is practically no subcutaneous fat, sebaceous glands, making it more sensitive, tends to dryness and premature loss of sense of wellbeing. This area is in daily contact with a large load, the frequency with the flashes per day is about 24 thousand times, so at the beginning of the appearance of expression lines. Depending on the state of skin cover and his needs to start even basic attention to may be 20-25 years.

Proper careful cleaning zone around the eyes is extremely important. A boner is considered to be the neglect of the need to remove the makeup days at the end, can not leave the makeup, the face until the next morning, which would be strong wasn't the feeling of tiredness. Use special milk or other tools, makeup removal from the eyes, remember that all movements must be soft. Most of the production contains nourishing, moisturizing oils that help to dissolve waterproof cosmetics, and herbal components to neutralize the irritation. Greasy creams use is not recommended, especially if you have contact lenses.

skin care

Zone around the eyes needs special care and to provide resources only in this sensitive area. Discard the cosmetics along with the oil and other components of the composition can cause irritation, discomfort or skin reactions

Cream eye the skin should be a every day tool care, do not provide the discomfort and feelings of burning, not to provoke of the redness and allergies. If you are in addition best to choose a nourishing cream that is well soaked in and complete lipid deficiency. Bear this carefully, avoiding getting into the mucous membranes. When seen in the tendency to edema formation, keep the more lightweight moisturizing gel in, padded fingers, drive it, barely touching the external corners of the eye, nose, down the centuries, in the opposite direction – to the top.

Choosing a caring cosmetics pay attention to the composition. Best not to use creams with lanolin, which often causes the redness and visible puffiness

All the tools are required to approach age. If up to thirty may be limited to only plant extracts and oils, then after 30-35 it is advisable to choose products that contains concentrated substance, which improve cell regeneration, elasticity, collagen production.

Home remedies

If you have free time, it is recommended for toning skin, using simple home tools. Fits these objectives the juice or the cucumber into pieces that can be put on track of 10 minutes. The vegetable mush is sometimes mixed with a teaspoon of dry milk. A popular means is considered natural oils jojoba, wheat germ, grape seed oil or olive oil, that cause small amounts of.

Skin, prone to dry, fit the mask yolk, a teaspoon of honey. His leave in the eyes of 7-10 minutes.

Just preparing to natural herbal firming cream with refreshing effect. About two tablespoons of the dry pulverized chamomile, lemon balm, sage, dill, pour 100 ml of boiled water. Then mix the two glucose tablets, pill activated carbon, 5 drops of glycerin, strain through the gauze. The treated skin of the century 2-3 times a day. Made of tool will be kept in the refrigerator for no longer than a week.