How to take care of your facial skin

Every woman dream of a maximum of prolong your youth and beauty, that seems to be the opposite sex and just a lot of around the eye.

Equally important in this difficult matter will take regular facial treatment. It must ensure the protection of the skin the skin to harmful factors in the environment and keep their health.

Only healthy skin ever beautiful. However, although easy to this thesis, not nearly every woman capable of independently tracking your face.

What factors affect the skin?


Your skin condition and the appearance of women is influenced by many factors. The main unfavorable factors in skin complexion are:

  • improper skin care or lack thereof;
  • use is outdated or wrong cosmetics;
  • frequent stress;
  • bad for the environment;
  • smoking;
  • of internal organs diseases;
  • a wrong diet;
  • excessive exposure to uv rays;
  • regular sleep deprivation.

Plain laziness or an indifferent attitude to women can lead to unhealthy types of face-and a disappointing forecast for the future. Some do not know how to properly take care of your facial skin, other women – simply ignore the need to take care of yourself. But if a complex approach on the subject, then a young and beautiful face will last for years and healthy skin becomes the norm.

Makeup and make-up removal

Cosmetics – this is something which, in contact with skin veil face almost every day. If it is faulty, stale, or simply does not fit the skin type, then the problems can not be avoided. Any makeup must be selected considering the individual features. Better to buy hypoallergenic products. If after the application of any cosmetics-presented redness, burning, appearance of acne or other negative manifestations, then it must be abandoned.

The main rules, how to take care of your skin, expect and everyday-make-up removal. Cosmetics should not stay on the face of the night. Before bedtime must delete the person special means (milk, foams, gel, etc., ap). Experts do not recommend the use of washing with normal soap, it will dry the skin, which leads to the premature formation of wrinkles.

That face wash is necessary to use warm water. It is better that it was easy or distilled water. If washing in hard water or water with tap water from the chemical impurities of the face can occur rash.

Cleaning and toning of the skin

Proper treatment includes not only the skin makeup, but the complexity of the times to clean up, nutrition and irrigation. The face and body require regular shell. This procedure removes the Horny particles of skin to cover, giving it shine and beautiful. Exfoliation does not need to carry cosmetics in the cabin. Home procedure it is possible to completely replace the costly interior design. Face peeling can prepare themselves or buy from the store.

Part of the complex steps, how to properly care for the skin, for is and his toning. Do this after washing and cleansing the person of cosmetics and dirt. Toning your skin needs, given its type. Dry type, unlike the fat does not need to be taken care of. Performed this procedure a special cosmetic tool (tonic), or a cube of ice (the best cooking chamomile or marigold). Tonic and ice in the narrow pores.

Nutrition and moisturizes the skin persons

The last touch when the daily washing should be a nourishing cream or oil. They soften the person of women, making it elastic and smooth. Skin age be prepared to separate the cream or oil. This is the part of the face of the most vulnerable, because maintenance of it needs special. The skin around the eyes does not produce fat relax, because after 25 years it is mandatory to use nourishing oils and creams.

It is important to remember that proper care for your face in the covers and moisturizes the skin. Moisture it loses on a regular basis, because water consumption is required to meet. Moisturizing the face is better before going to bed, not before you leave home. During the winter after the irrigation procedures can not go, otherwise the facial skin is covered with cracks, there will be flaking, to bring premature aging.

Protection of the face from the sun


Apart from the daily skin care of the face, a woman must remember to protect the skin skin from harmful effects of uv rays. Such irradiation of the skin on the face provokes early wrinkles, pigmentation of the emergence and manifestation of other signs of aging.

Not only in the summer, if a person needs a cream to sunburn with touch protection, uv-radiation, but in the winter it should be worn. The cold season ultraviolet radiation will continue to affect people, although not as intensively, than summer.

When visiting the solarium of the woman must also remember to protect the face, especially about the zone around the eyes. Artificial radiation causes people not less damage than natural sunlight.


Not so very long ago had developed new, complex activities, how to track your face, to prevent aging of the skin. It is a massage, a collection of exercises to the face, which helps to maintain young women. The exercises have trained the muscles of the face and neck, thanks to which the skin of the vegetation becomes more suitable. If the standing committee in the activities of the muscles is improved blood flow improves the color and the country in the face, causing the woman looks fresher and younger.

How to correctly do the exercises, how to best take care of the facial skin and support your muscles, it is best to ask a specialist. The wrong technique exercises can be hurt, and here is the right execution can help a woman look 5-10 years younger than the actual age.

Massage is decent competition in the plastic and the application of botox. The perfect result of this he with massage or self-massage of the person and the application of creams and serums that rejuvenation.

General recommendations

The excellent appearance of the woman, is not enough to only deal with caring people. Beautiful and attractive on the inside. Therefore, it is necessary not only to ensure proper skin care, but also to monitor their own health, to eat and give up harmful habits (features, smoking, which as a result of ageing should be significantly faster). Sleep and rest, moderate physical load improves the feel, appearance and general status of women.

Compliance with the basic rules of how to be taken care of your face and body, high-quality cosmetics and gymnastics do the body and face of women attractive. To choose cosmetics and carrying all the necessary procedures is designed for face and body best to consult a beautician. A suitable makeup and knowledge of the basics of facial care allows the home through all the manipulations themselves. One day understand how to properly take care of your face, wife forever save yourself error, which is mostly permitted is the inexperience or negligence.